These pictures from a Hindu lesbian wedding would make you go all aww.

Shannon and Seema got married in NYC Los Angeles. These are some beautiful moments captured by their photographer friend, Steph.

The couple.


Seema arrives in a Doli.

tumblr_mpwbs3fsIm1rm92iwo2_1280The Varmala.


This is our favorite picture from the album. The couple, the pandit, family and the knot. Everything Indian weddings are made of.





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  1. John Locke

    I don’t understand the conditional in the title. These pictures would make you go awww if what…? Is it sarcastic?

  2. Abbg Tpog

    The Doli should had been lifted and carried by a group of Lesbians only…. what these f****ing male members are doing here???? See the picture of the guest attending this marriage I find dominated by FEMALES Only…, hardly a couple of bloody males are visible around…….

  3. Abbg Tpog

    Even Pandit Ji should had been a Female (preferably a Lesbian) Panditji…, if you don’t have one in US please inform I will arrange the same from India at a very reasonable cost……

    • Permesh Nair

      Wow! What a gorgeous wedding! Have I understood it right? Is it not a ‘spiritual’ wedding, where the union is for non-physical love in its purest and loftiest form without a tinge of physical sexuality? Please enlighten me, hey, the wedded couple!

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